Cadiz-Trigg County is located in Western Kentucky, bordered to the South by the state of Tennessee and to the West by Lake Barkley.

Cadiz-Trigg County is the eastern gateway to Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake which surround a 170,000 acre peninsula known as the Land Between the Lakes. Cadiz-Trigg County is within a day’s drive of 70% of US Markets.

    Mission Statement  


To provide courteous, accurate and efficient services for the benefit of Cadiz-Trigg County and it’s citizens. To achieve its mission the Cadiz-Trigg County Planning Commission Office will:

  • Develop positive, constructive and professional relationships with all parties
  • Inform and educate the public of rules and regulations in a clear, concise, accurate and timely manner to promote voluntary compliance with the laws.
  • Educate, train, develop and retain the qualified office personnel necessary to achieve our goals and objectives.
  • Treat fellow employees with respect and dignity in order to foster a positive and friendly working environment.



  2021 Planning Commissioners


Bob Brame Chairman City bob@ctcplanning.com    
Mike Heffington Vice-Chairman County mike@ctcplanning.com    
Larry Kemp   County larry@ctcplanning.com          
Kenneth Oakley   County kenneth@ctcplanning.com  
Ken Culwell   County ken@ctcplanning.com  
Gary Blakley   City gary@ctcplanning.com  
Judge Chappell Wilson    City judgewilson@ctcplanning.com  
Craig Stallons    City craig@ctcplanning.com  
Josh Adams    City josh@ctcplanning.com  
Ken Stallons    County ken.stallons@ctcplanning.com  
  2021 City of Cadiz Board of Adjustment
Judge Chappell Wilson Chairman  judgewilson@ctcplanning.com        
Efraim Arristia  Vice-Chairman efraim@ctcplanning.com           
Craig Stallons Secretary craig@ctcplanning.com        
Tammy Warner   tammy@ctcplanning.com        
Karen Randels   karen@ctcplanning.com        
Bob Smith   bob.smith@ctcplanning.com        
Yvonne Clayton   yvonne@ctcplanning.com        




Officer Contact Information:

 Bob Brame, Chairman
E-mail: bob@ctcplanning.com

Mike Heffington, Vice-Chairman
E-mail: mike@ctcplanning.com

No information contained in this website
is a legal document. It does not replace or amend the existing procedures by which the Cadiz-Trigg County Planning Commission operates, nor the regulations that are administered. If you have questions, please contact us by telephone at (270) 350-1890.

Number of Visitors:

Cadiz-Trigg County Planning Commission
49 Jefferson Street - PO Box 2053
Cadiz, Kentucky 42211
PH: 270-350-1890
E-mail: bob@ctcplanning.com

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