Cadiz-Trigg County is located in Western Kentucky, bordered to the South by the state of Tennessee and to the West by Lake Barkley.

Cadiz-Trigg County is the eastern gateway to Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake which surround a 170,000 acre peninsula known as the Land Between the Lakes. Cadiz-Trigg County is within a day’s drive of 70% of US Markets.

    Mission Statement  


To provide courteous, accurate and efficient services for the benefit of Cadiz-Trigg County and it’s citizens. To achieve its mission the Cadiz-Trigg County Planning Commission Office will:

  • Develop positive, constructive and professional relationships with all parties
  • Inform and educate the public of rules and regulations in a clear, concise, accurate and timely manner to promote voluntary compliance with the laws.
  • Educate, train, develop and retain the qualified office personnel necessary to achieve our goals and objectives.
  • Treat fellow employees with respect and dignity in order to foster a positive and friendly working environment.



  2021 Planning Commissioners


  Chairman City      
Mike Heffington Vice-Chairman County      
Larry Kemp   County            
Kenneth Oakley   County    
Ken Culwell   County    
Gary Blakley   City    
Judge Chappell Wilson    City    
Craig Stallons    City    
Josh Adams    City    
Ken Stallons    County    
  2021 City of Cadiz Board of Adjustment
Judge Chappell Wilson Chairman          
Efraim Arristia  Vice-Chairman            
Craig Stallons Secretary          
Tammy Warner            
Karen Randels            
Bob Smith            
Yvonne Clayton            




No information contained in this website
is a legal document. It does not replace or amend the existing procedures by which the Cadiz-Trigg County Planning Commission operates, nor the regulations that are administered.

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Cadiz-Trigg County Planning Commission
49 Jefferson Street - PO Box 2053
Cadiz, Kentucky 42211

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